Some details on a few of the sites and applications I've worked on.

Cambria Center for the Arts

A work in progress: front-end components for a vibrant, busy arts center's Web site, serving up announcements, ticket sales, gallery images, and event calendars.


Irritated into action by HTML5's autoplay attribute on video elements, I built a Chrome browser extension to zap these videos from a web page.

GE Global Research

Wrangled an ornery herd of Grunt scripts, Bower packages, and Twitter Bootstrap forks into the Industrial Internet Design System (IIDS) , a framework of browser-side components for Java and .NET developers to use in their applications.

Fresh Step

Was handed a few debugging issues on a catchy, consumer-oriented site with lots of HTML5/CSS3/jQuery doodads. My bigger task: maintaining focus while proofreading Web copy about desirable properties in cat litter.


I created interface elements for a remarkably abstruse application for some obscure form of investing you and I will probably never make. Really gained appreciation for what genius user interface designers like Gino Lee can do with such difficult requirements.


Joined two other developers and the two company founders at one big table; found this to be a really productive and satisfying setup. Lots of quick changes to Symfony (PHP) templates in CSS and YUI JavaScript modules.

Vox Blog Themes

Sigh. This was a great project: to separate markup and design so completely that a user could change her blog theme with the click of one button. We were clobbered by Facebook.

Errands On The Way

I joined Jason, Christine, and Ryan in a very satisfying week of test-driven development, on a mobile-first Rails application helping the user find places to fulfill her errands along a given route.

The Addis Group

I designed, planned, and built a content management system (CMS) in PHP to enable this award-winning branding agency to update its redeveloped Web site with high-quality images and content.

City of Houston

Served all visitors to the redesigned site for the 4th largest city in the U.S. with fully accessible (Section 508/WCAG AA) markup and CSS.